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Need motivation?

What more can I say? Watch and be inspired… Jam Session 2.0 from Cain Mosni on Vimeo.

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What do lobsters and all of you have in common?

Shelly from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo. naturally…you both feel the strong desire to learn to play music! All lame attempts at correlating this video to my site aside, this is a really cool video that I just found on Vimeo. Cheers! Brad

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Salt Lake City to play host to the International Piano Exhibit!

With the intention of bringing strangers together (including a few folks that got married because of this concept), Luke Jerram – the creator of this exhibit – is bringing this public art display to the great state of Utah, which apparently has the highest ownership of pianos per capita. Artists will decorate the 10 pianos […]

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Welcome to our new Blog!

Hi all, Thanks for checking in, this will be the home of our new blog! I am considering posting on topics like: Inspiring Composers/Performers Piano Tips Upcoming Concerts Updates about the Play Piano Music site And hopefully more… I look forward to keeping everyone up to date on what’s happening here at Play Piano Music. […]

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