Lean On Me Chords

Lean on me is one of my favorite songs. Written and performed by Bill Withers, it has lasted through the years as a classic of the musical world. It just so happens that it is also a very easy song to learn how to play! It is a simple chord progression in the simplest key of 'C'. The lyrics with the chords written above them is at the bottom of the page.

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Chords for Lean on Me

The chord progressions, like I mentioned above, is in the key of 'C' and starts on the root chord of that key...C!

NOTE: All of these chords are played in the first inversion, which just means that instead of the usual triad, you put the root note of the triad on the top instead of on the bottom of the chord. In the case of C, you would normally play the notes C, E and G. You play it in first inversion by playing it with the E as the root note (E, G, C) instead of C.

The chords you will need to know for this song are shown as right hand piano diagrams and notation below. The left hand is simply the natural root of the chord (ie C for the C First Inversion, etc.)

C First Inversion

Chords of Lean on Me - C First Inversion

Dm First Inversion

Chords for Lean on Me - D First Inversion

Em First Inversion

Chords for Lean on Me - Em First Inversion

F First Inversion

Chords for Lean on Me - F First Inversion

G7th Chord

Chords for Lean on Me - G7th Chord

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Lean on Me Chord Progression

The progression is simple; all you do is move your hands up the keyboard keeping the same shape. If you can hear the song in your head and play along with these lyrics it will help you to get the tune in your mind.

The progression starts on C and follows this pattern:


The second time it goes


and then repeats from there throughout the song except when the music stops and it's just singing and clapping. You can notice this in the YouTube Video.

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