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Piano For All Review

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Piano For All Review

Piano For All Review Pros: This course gets you playing in literally minutes. It lets you jump in, get comfy, THEN learn the theory behind everything. This is perfect for an absolute beginner.

Cons: If you have some piano playing experience, the first book might sound a little patronizing, but it still provides some good foundational points to build on.

Verdict: This price won’t last for long, so make sure you check this out ASAP! The books are easy to understand and will guide you through many different styles of piano playing.

The price was a limited time 50% off special…act fast because I don’t know how long this will be available!

My Rating: Piano For All Review - 4.5 Star Rating!
 Price: $79.99 $39.99 


Robin Hall is the creator of Piano for All and after reviewing this great package, I have decided that he is a very talented piano player and teacher. Reading through the books that come with the course, I found myself thoroughly enjoying myself! It isn’t a bunch of theory that he throws at you, it is easy, practical stuff that you can pick up on right away. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to learn a few more styles of playing and specifically learn some new songs! Make sure you check out Piano for All in your quest to learn to play piano!

Book 1 – Party Time and Rhythm

Being a veteran piano player, I expected to dive into book one of Piano for All and be bored to tears. Alas, I was quite mistaken (I love it when I can use that word!). Having not ever tried sounding out some of the more popular songs that I have heard (such as Piano Man, Isn’t She Lovely, Barbara Anne and many more) I came out of that book knowing how to play many, if not all of the songs that he gives as examples. Some that I could even hum (I am not the best singer) along with!

The way that the Piano for All course approaches learning piano is completely BACKWARDS from traditional methods. He stresses learning to get a feel for the sounds and harmonies that a piano makes and then uses that to help you learn to read sheet music! After you master the feel of the piano and can read some basic chords in sheet music, he builds on that foundation and moves you up his “piano learning pyramid” to the other books (5-10) which will enable you to learn the details of playing piano. For now…though, its down to basics: chords and simple progressions.

To be honest I am pretty impressed with how easy to understand his mini lessons are. He spends a small amount of time explaining what the structure of the chord you will be playing is, then dives right in, with you alongside him and before you know how to say “middle c” he has you playing the chord progression that underlies some of the most famous songs, like Blue Moon and Red Red Wine. The audio clips and video clips are easy to open and help put some sound to the diagrams when trying to learn some of these chord progressions.

My one dislike of book number one is that if you have played a little bit of piano before, then the book sounds a little patronizing at times when it is reminding you to use the proper fingerings. I would expect that for a complete beginner, this would actually end up helping you in the long run, even if it does sound a bit patronizing.

Expect to see reviews of his other books coming soon. I am playing my way through this entire course, so it may take some time for the reviews to crop up!

General Comments

When I was downloading the content (available separately or as one BIG zipped file) I was really in awe at how MUCH there was. He not only has the nine main books plus the “bumper bonus” book, but they are loaded with videos and audio clips that complement the content very well.

The actual content is very well written too. It doesn’t look like he outsourced this course to someone who doesn’t even speak English, I am sure that he wrote this all himself. I found the style and tone to be very helpful in conveying the messages of that particular lesson.

The videos are perhaps not the best professionally produced videos, but boy are they helpful! It is surprising how much watching someone else’s hands play a song helps you “get” a song you are trying to learn.

This course is mostly for people who have a little bit of piano experience already and are looking to improve their game. It has how-to’s on just about every genre, teaching you to play songs from the blues, jazz and classical…even some modern day songs!

If you are looking to learn some new songs and greatly enhance your current playing ability, even if you have never played before, I highly recommend Piano for All as the way to do that!


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